Download ISOs

Be aware that this software should be considered Beta quality at the moment. I believe that I have tested this pretty well, but still need more user feedback before declaring this 100% rock solid.

Big thanks go to Chuck from, the folks at and reddit users newnetmp3 and DrRodneyMckay for helping me mirror this, and to everyone who helps to seed the torrents.

ISO FilesTorrent FileMD5 Sum
Mirror1: 32bit ISO
Mirror2: 32bit ISO
Mirror3: 32bit ISO
Mirror4: 32bit ISO
Mirror5: 32bit ISO
Salamander 32bit Torrent 9739a55e4a199f9e1db0fdaa69e3cf95
Mirror1: 64bit ISO
Mirror2: 64bit ISO
Mirror3: 64bit ISO
Mirror4: 64bit ISO
Mirror5: 64bit ISO
Salamander 64bit Torrent 1add9f3d8afdaea57fd0be3a81590a4b

Building From Source

The Salamander source code is a set of scripts that modifies the default Ubuntu ISO. The build process will automatically download the default Ubuntu disks (from an official mirror, that can afford the bandwidth) with wget, which may take a while. Make sure wget is installed before starting this process. You will also need git to checkout the source. You can obtain the source via git with one of the following commands:

$ git clone git://
$ git clone

Then, on a linux system run either

$ sudo make salamander32

to build the 32 bit image, or

$ sudo make salamander64

to build the 64 bit image. Note that you need to run make with sudo -- the build process needs root priviledges to mount the disk images. If you run make without specifying salamander32 or salamander64 both iso images will be created.

The iso image will be created in the build directory, which you can then burn to a CD.

You can also browse the Salamander source code online.